Summer Feeling On a Gloomy Day

by - 3:56:00 PM

It's always almost raining lately.. and it's a gloomy day today. Yet I chose to wear this. I just missed this jumpsuit! Yes its a jumpsuit!! It does not look like one though.. but the florals gave me the summer feeling in a gloomy day. But it's a great day though. Not too hot and not too cold. 


 Don't you think I am getting fatter? I really think I'm getting fatter. When all I wanna do is to get flatter stomach, I think I'm going the other way around! My arms are getting bigger.

I paired the jumpsuits this time with a combat boots. I paired this with high heeled booties before. 

Which one do you think looks better?

By the way honeys, I just activated my Lookbook and Chictopia account. I just don't have that much confident before to have these accounts... but maybe it'll work this time! Please do follow me!!!

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  1. So adorable outfit babe!!
    I really like your outfit!!
    Maggie D
    The Indian Savage diary

  2. you are so pretty!
    love your style <3


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