My Taylor Swift Kind of Day

by - 8:13:00 AM

It was Taylor Swift's concert last night and as much as I wish being there, I could not. Dilemmas of people living south.  Anyways, I settled with looking Taylor Swift-ish kind of outfit. 

To be honest though, I had the hardest time searching on what to wear. Taylor just wears almost everything!
But here's a photo inspiration of my outfit today...

 One reason why I wore Taylor Swift today is because one of my closest friends likes her soo much.
He was so sad because he was supposed to be at the concert but it's party time at the office and it's a big no no not to show up. Of course the job is our priority so I wore this to cheer him up. 
I love her too. I mean she's not just a pretty face! She's awesome being a singer and a song writer herself. She can sing what's in your heart.
So no wonder she invaded Manila with a BANG!

Collared Top: Style Revamp
Red Skater Skirt: Estella Shimei
Tights: JS Gaisano Department Store
Oxford Shoes: Centerpoint Plaza

I'll leave my window open
'Cause I'm too tired at night to call your name, oh
Oh, just know I'm right here hopin'
That you'll come in with the rain
-Come In With The Rain

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  1. You're so adorable....thanks for dropping by my blog & hope to see you around soon!!! My daughter & I love adore Taylor Swift so much!!!


  2. Oh sweetie!!!
    You look adorable!!!!
    I really like this outfit
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  3. Amiga que lindo look bom final de semana
    Canal de youtube:

  4. You look so cute and pretty doll. Love the look on you, the skirt is amazing. Love the color ;-)

  5. The red skirt is so cute and I love how you paired it with lace!

  6. I adore taylor swift feminine style. Great post.

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from
    ♥♥♥ Enter to Win AMAZING Beauty Products♥♥♥
    Elle Charie on Bloglovin


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