My Son's Sunday OOTD

by - 12:22:00 PM

 I am so excited for this post! Because this is my son's first OOTD post in my blog!

I really am so much happy I get to capture him this time with at least few decent photos.
I always have a hard time taking OOTD photos of him because he just can't stay in one place. He likes to run around every minute!!

But he was pretty amazed with the carousel in front of him so I took the advantage. And I will be pushing for more posts like this! Wish me luck!!

And finally, he was able to wear this white polo, we bought it when he was 6months old, thinking stupidly that it will fit him. This time, it did. Might still be big for him but it still looks good. Agree?


White Long Sleeve Polo: MTS Bazaar
Pants: Gift
Shoes: Gift


Actually, I am so amazed that at his age, he now knows how to make faces at the camera! Please don't mind all my exclamations every sentences, I was just so hyper about this post.

Here's another treat for good vibes...

That's my sister with my son. He is sooo having fun making faces!!!

My son is 1 year and 2 months old!
And I am one proud Momma!!!

 So tell me what do you think?

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  1. He is adorable! I love his little OOTD

    Check out my style if you get a chance! xo


  2. Aww I love his look, very classy! He looks so handsome!


  3. Great pics! :)

  4. Perfect outfits for kids !


  5. I'm badly missing having a toddler around, my youngest child is 8 already. Your baby is so cute. I'm your new follower, hope you can follow me as well at

  6. So cute and adorable! ;)


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