My Red Wedding Dream

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Hi Everyone!!

It's June and its the wedding month of the year! If the girls wanted to be a bride then I think most of them wanted to be a June bride. Well, I think that's why we have the wedding theme for the office's party time this month. And unfortunately or fortunately, I will be the bride of the team! Now I have to go all places to get my wedding gown! And of course I am not going to splurge, yet will go find a way to make it all fabulous! I am not gonna spill out the plan yet... in the meantime, meet my dream wedding idea...

I miss making collages via Polyvore too..
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I am actually dreaming of a red wedding theme! Not wearing the typical white gown.. Though I think white is gorgeous too.

This is basically my theme. The dress is so fabulous and classy!

Here are some other inspirations:

If you wanna check where to get these great finds please check out my Polyvore profile

The red gown in my dream collection is just costs 10,845 PHP in Etsy!!! I thought it could be more than that!

Anyway, how about you? What's your wedding fashion fantasy?



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  1. Great selection! The dress is indeed a dream! Love the black lace heels, gorgeous!
    Happy Monday girl

  2. This is truly amazing… great sense of style!
    Kisses from Miami,

  3. The gowns are stunning and the idea of having a red wedding theme, wow! I like it so much ♥

  4. love it
    great job hun!

  5. Oh, I agree, this wonderful dress is indeed a wedding dream <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. usually im very very diffucult for wedding dress but here i love all !
    great selection


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