Maybe The Crunches are Working

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 So what's the title all about?
Well, I was just amazed a bit by these photos because my tummy appears flatter than usual. It might be big, but its not the usual. OMG So just imagine.
Maybe the crunches are working. Haha

One of the things I'm up to lately is to achieve a flat tummy. ABS if that's not too impossible is a plus. The only thing I'm having problems with is that I am working graveyard and I don't know when to do my exercises. I know I'm too dreamy but anyways... who knows.

I got the sexy back peplum top from the department store in Gaisano Grand Panabo. The skirt is from Victoria Plaza. My overused mismatched shoes is from my shop Wireplay.

Jessica Alba is my thinspiration. She had always been. Haha. Achievable? Let's see. You'll know for sure. 

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