Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,

If you're asking me why I am talking to you right now, first of all, I am influenced by Elena. I am currently on 6th book of Vampire Diaries and I find it a little bit amazing I was able to finish 5 books in 5 days despite the schedule that I have. I am reading anywhere, anytime if I have the luxury of time. And that includes while I'm riding a jeepney going home, when I am waiting for sleep to come (cause I need to sleep like a lot if I have the time.) And if I.Ts not around when it's avail at work. I did mention in my previous blog that my iphone is my new best friend and one of the reasons why is the easy access of books I wanna read. Another reason is, I'm off the phone tonight. I'm having cough tonsillitis and I lost my voice. I can't continue reading since I.Ts roaming around the floor. Notepad is not an offense. So here I am. What's up?

I guess you knew from the rants I have above that I am currently working in a call center. I know too that you're tired hearing this... but I totally love my job. Why? The compensation, the account itself which is an easy bitsy and of course the NO DRESS CODE POLICY. I'm thrilled!! Sooner or later I'll be posting my OOTNs frequently and hopefully I'd be able to post with nicer quality photos. The only thing I'm sad about is I don't get to play with my Lucas lately. I go to work at 11pm, that means I should prepare as early as nine. I go home from work at 10am sometimes 11am, and I can't help but sleep when I get home. Then I need to wake up at 3 or 4pm to cuddle with him. I think that's not enough time though. I'm afraid sooner he will forget about me. He's just 8months old and he's been around with his grandparents when I started working.

Another thing, I'm having problems in managing my time lately. I just can't give up selling since its a pretty much good money. I mean I need it. My baby needs it. So I really need a little stategy on how to manage my time.

It's almost Christmas! It's gonna be our first christmas with Lucas. It's gonna be special. Everything about my son is special. And before I say goodbye to you diary, I wanna tell you that tonight, while I am writing on my notepad in my station, sleepy and coughing... I am missing my son. I wish I am beside him. Watching him sleep.

Good Morning.



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