Beads And Laces: That Little Black Dress.

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Dress: Beads and Laces Couture (@beadsandlaces)
Shoes: Thrifted

Let me be one of those who says "You can never go wrong with your Little Black Dress..." Well, ofcourse! This LBD from Beads and Laces is just perfect. Honestly, I never thought it would suit me well. This is actually designed by Ms. Mariane Dioso Rph of Beads and Laces itself. One of those sellers who don't resell but makes their own. When she informed me that she will be sending a dress of their own design I just informed them my size and poof, when I tried, the fit is just oh so good, I was surprised.

Beads and Laces Couture Website is currently under construction but you can check out their items, yes items because they don't only sell clothes, they also sell other stuff like passport holder, shoes and slippers, in their instagram @beadsandlaces, and in their Facebook Page.

Isn't this stunning?

Well, lemme blow you a kiss... and say Happy New Year!




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