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It's been quite a while since I posted something with so much words on my blog. I missed it. I have always been someone who writes for passion and for peace of mind. Being a mother and a soon-to-be-wife and being on a business eats up most of my time that I always have to sleep on my free time. I never get to read a book for the longest time too. 

Anyway, since I just had coffee, I am in the mood to share what I am up to lately. And I just realized, I am already a mommy blogger!! From today onwards, this is gonna be my online Lucas diary. Something he might find worth reading in the future.

This was his first ever picture.
My son Lucas Jose Caleb Debarbo.
Born April 28, 2013 weighing 2.7kilos.
Honestly, I am really surprised that he is sooo pogi! Haha. But I'm one proud momma here!

I got his name Lucas from Lucas Scott of One Tree Hill, my all time favorite! Jose from his Papa and Caleb from the bible. Joshua's assistant. Though technically, all his names can be found in the bible! 

Lucas just turned five months last September 28. It was hard, you know... Being a first time mom. The hardest part was when you don't know if you're doing the right thing. I grew up known to be the most irresponsible person in the world. But when my pretty little thing happened, I did things I never thought I would. 

Inspired by my favorite blogger and entrepreneur, Ana Gonzales of Fashionista Commuter, I was able to establish my own wire accessories business that helped me a lot on my journey. Though it was definitely hard work. It provided me almost all with the things I needed for my pregnancy till my delivery. It was a blessing. Lucas was a blessing.

I have this odd relationship with my mom. She left us for another guy. Another honest confession, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm not mad, I'm not happy either. When me and my sister talks about her, the feeling is neutral. Not hate, not love. But then, when I had my own kid and being the eldest, I learned to appreciate how my mom took care of me. I knew how it feels to be a first time mom. Im pretty sure she was nervous too when she raised me.

Raising my child maybe was the hardest thing ever but it was the most fulfilling, the happiest thing to do. Seeing him growing up, learning things one by one, no words could ever define the feeling. 

There are still a lot of things to work out. Lot of things I needed to know and Im looking forward to it.

As a debut post of being a mommy blogger, thank you for reading my happy mommy moment. 

This is my Lucas now. We are dedicating him to Daddy God Almighty this 27th and I can't wait!!! ;)

This is my view of the night..

And just one selfie before I end this. 



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