When Things Go Unplanned

by - 11:13:00 AM

I had my day fixed for today..

Listed are my online lessons and some errands.

I have my 8:30-11:00 Morning Online Lessons..
To Do List for the day:

>Get my Baranggay Clearance
>Police Clearance
>Philhealth I.D
>Pay for the Water bill
>Buy a hair blower for Chester
>Print pictures to be attached in my BDJ Planner.

...when suddenly I heard a quite disturbing noise from my pet Chichi's tummy. I never really expected myself to panic right then and there. I called my soon-to-be-husband and everyone for help. First thing in mind was to rush her to a vet. So I got up after my lesson, dressed and swiftly went out of the house without even knowing where to go. Next thing came to mind when I calmed down was to visit Chichi's seller. Good thing she was there because we went there without notice. She accompanied us to her vet nearby and there. All things we're settled.

Chichi just had hyperacidity. I can't help but laugh thinking of how I panicked. Confirmed... I am inlove with my puppy! =D

Homeward Bound

So things went out not as planned. Tomorrow I have to do what was on my list..

Preparing my list for tomorrow.

Just sharing! =))

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  1. I'm glad it's not serious... Everytime i-walk nimu sa gawas, let her eat/chew on GRASS. They need it. Helps combat excess food acids in their stomach... :)


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