My Cherryfic Day

by - 6:25:00 PM

Five Cherryfic Reasons:

1. No morning lessons!! I get to sleep the whole morning till 2pm. I didn't even wanna get up but I have to.

2. Paid the bills . With my hard eaned money! It's an awesome feeling!!!

3. Finally visited Cherryfic Store at La Tiendas in Victoria Plaza.

My Cherryfic Finds!

Just perfect for my growing tummy!! =))

You can visit her store at La Tiendas, Victoria Plaza Mall

Check out her site: and her FB Page here and here.

Visit her store now with your boyfriend to get free movie tickets from her.

The store is owned by Miss Cherry Maning.
A GMA TV Host, a Registered Nurse and now a pretty Entrepreneur.

Photo from her Facebook.

4. Also got my online finds...


Orange Flatform!!! 

5. Happy. Tired. Fulfilled. Productive. 

All things work together for good.



Check out my Spring Wishlist from 


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  1. It's a good feeling talaga kapag you pay bills with your hard earned money.

    Your orange flats are so cute and bright!


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