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Just after my pathetic write-up about giving up writing, I received an award! That's unexpected, unbelievable and flattering! Thank you Miss Cham of eat ur banana for boosting up my confidence and not letting me fall underground.

The Leibster Award again qouting Miss Cham and she qouted this from her Awarder is given to those "up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers" So how'd you like that?

Here are the rules:

* Share 11 Facts About Yourself
* Answer the Awarder's 11 Questions
* Ask 11 Questions of your Own
* Nominate 11 Bloggers or 12


11 Facts About Me.

1. I never was a die hard pet lover until today. Now I am spoiling my pups.

2. I'm allergic to anti-dandruff shampoos.
3. I used to think I have a dimple.. haha see?

But I really don't have!
4. I don't wear jeans.
5. I am an English Online Teacher and my grammar is too far from perfect. TOINKS!
6. I am 6months pregnant right now with my first baby and it's a boy.
7. Before I got pregnant I won't settle for only 3 cups of coffee in a day... it should be 5 cups or more.
8. I don't really drink water a lot though I know I should.
9. Eggplant is the only vegetable I eat and only if it's Tortang Talong.
10. My wildest dream is to see myself on a billboard.
11. I'm nearsighted.

Miss Cham's 11 Questions: 

1. How would you want to die?
-I want to die sleeping. No pain. I'm that simple. 

2. What was the reason why you cried the last time you did?
-Dad's mad because I got scammed and lost 20k. OUCH!

3. What do you consider your most precious material possession right now? JUST ONE.
-My baby Lucas in my tummy.

4. If you were to have only one parent, who will you choose - your Mom or your Dad?
-Dad. Not really a difficult job for me to choose.

5. What is the job you''d love to have forever, even without pay?
-Slack off. All day. Honestly, if there's such. Haha

6. How much would you need to be paid, to kiss someone of the same sex?
-Uhm. I've been with three same-sex relationships in the past. So... (another fact!)

7. One book you've read and didn't like the ending. Change the ending.
-Hunger Games Trilogy. I just didn't want it to end. Hehe (safe side)

8. The first human you're going to bite for blood after waking up and realizing you've turned into a vampire?
-It's Chad Michael Murray!!!! 

9. If you'll be allowed to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
-Tocino. I can live with that. And i'll die after 100 days! haha

10. Three (3) words you'd tell your 13-year-old self.
-Stay the same.

11. Ube na lasang Tae OR Tae na lasang Ube?
(English Subs: Purple Yam which tastes like Poop OR Poop which tastes like Purple Yam?)
Defend your answer. :D
-Ube na lasang tae.I can't eat poop. Uh oh! 

My 11 Questions:

1. What's the first thing you do in the morning?
2. Lyrics or Music?
3. What's the last song you sang in the bathroom?
4. If your life will be adapted to a movie, what's the title?
5. Follow up question... what's the OST? 
6. What's the name of your favorite teacher?
7. If you will live another life, what would you be? 
8. Who's your greatest inspiration in blogging?
9. The funniest nickname you had when you were a kid?
10. What's the worst gift you ever received?
11. If you were a cactus, why? (I know this is familiar..)

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* If you have more than 200 followers, you can still do it. It's fun! - Qouted.

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