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I know most of you out there are struggling to be somewhat organized with everything. For Obsessive Compulsive peeps, they can do it with no sweat. However, for people like me who, eversince the Republic of the Philippines proclaimed, had been the messiest person in the world. Keeping things organized for me is like pushing myself through the waves of Siargao.

But it is not being messy, (well, if you want me to give you tips on that, feel free to ask  me cause I'm proud to say I'm an expert! Haha!) I will be talking about today. It is how I overcome being so unorganized from thoughts to outputs. Guess what, I've learned to do brainstorming now before writing and indeed it's a great help!

So here are some tips on how to pressure yourself to organize everything in your life.


I know this is impractical. Don't you dare roll your eyes on me! But this is one of the main reasons I am forced to arrange my schedules, stuffs and everything. Expensive organizers will inspire you to do your thing.
Organizers like:


-Planners with designs and contents you really like will make you feel like writing in it everyday. When you see how beautiful it is in your eyes, you will never forget whatever you wrote in it. I got my BDJ Planner as a Christmas present. Now I can't live without it!


-Your bag is one of the most important accessorry in your fashion outfit. It is a big NO NO to get out of your house using the same bag everyday. If you notice, most of the fashion bloggers have to match their bag with their outfits. My co-tutor once introduced me to bag organizers. It is where you put anything you have to bring daily. From umbrella to your cellphone pouch. You don't need to spend too much time transferring your stuffs from one bag to another. Choose a size which you think will fit into your everday bags, fix all your things in your bag organizer and you can just move it from bag to bag as easy as 1,2,3.It will save up your time and your bag will be so much heavenly clean and classified.

So far these are my pouches:
Pencil Case
Kikay Kit
Cellphone Pouch

-These includes your cellphone pouch, kikay kit, pencil case, wristlet and your key organizer. Choose the color and designs you like very much. In that case you'll always remember to put your stuffs back to where it's suppose to be.


-Investing your money with these things will never be in vain. I began noticing what I lack when I started to get used to cleaning our own room, which I don't do before since i'm alone and no one bothers to nag at me when my room is messy. No matter how hard I try to clean it, it still looks like turned upside down. It just came to me that I need racks for my bags, shoes and accessories. Tinker boxes for whoozits and whatsits, and a book shelf for my books. That's what I'm saying... SPLURGE, bit by bit.

Those were just some and it doesn't end there. Think of what you need and REMEMBER: MAKE SURE IT'S AN EYE CANDY.

2. Never hesitate to start whenever.

This is what mostly stops people. The time. It's always too late or too early or just so much in between. If you feel like it then start now. You don't have to wait till January next year to start. Only a few who succeeds in accomplishing resolutions.

3. Choose an inspiration.

Well, expensive organizers will be enough inspiration. But the more, the merrier. Try to search for people who do great in organizing things. Those who are already on top because they manage to keep their lifestyle well organized but still having fun.

4. Take time, be consistent and DO NOT DELAY.

Take time or make time to write and arrange your schedules and classify your stuffs. Squeeze it in your busy day, it can be done before bedtime or maybe before breakfast. This is really not necessary for those who have P.A's. Try not to delay praparing your schedule, this of course, is self explanatory. "I forgot" honestly, is not an excuse.

5. Never Ever say "I'll remember it anyway!"

I remember just last Sunday, my mental note is reminding me of my online class at 10pm. Then at 7:45pm, my agent sent me a message asking me if I am absent with my 7pm class. And like a cold water splashed towards me, I realized I do have a 7pm class that I missed. So again, I made a mental note not to trust just a mental note.


This is the last but will never be the least. This is one of the most important things. You should get used to doing all the 1-5 until it will be a hard habit to break.

Actually I’m just starting. I was hoping I could make it till I get used to it. So far I am doing pretty well.
I hope these tips will help you.

My Weekly Planner with my daily schedule of online classes.

My second week.

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  1. Go for it! You'll surely reap the rewards of all your efforts... But wait til you get married and have kids and watch how they turn your world, your house, and your bag upside down! Haha

    1. haha. right... so i'm starting to learn.. para maready ko. what will happen if i'm married with three kids and still don't know how to do this..?! MAJOR DISASTER! hahah


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