My One Sided Love Affair with Writing.

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Hey! Hi... This is silly but I am actually thinking of raising my white flag in writing. I think it's rubbish and very elementary. Yes! For those who have been waiting for me to say this, I admit it! I am not a writer. As it goes "I love writing, but writing doesn't love me!" with my own translation: "As much as I love you WRITING, you can't love me back. I'm letting you go now!"

All this time, I've been claiming to be a writer, a blogger or whatever you call it. I was in the middle of writing something about my new found love... my puppy and eventhough thoughts and ideas are rushing, I can't seem to express it naturally. I resorted to a photo blog instead which made me more frustrated. So this where "frustrated ________" came from! I am a VERY MUCH FRUSTRATED WRITER! I'm not shouting by the way... 

So this is it. I'm saying goodbye to writing. I'm letting it go. I'll move on eventually. Just like all my old school heartbreaks. GOODBYE!! 


or should I?

Am I really giving up on what I consider my passion ever since I knew how to write my ABC? Am I really letting go of my spongebob? Where I can yell and nag and say anything without it throwing something back at me? Am I really breaking up with my love affair just because of RIGHT GRAMMAR as the third party? 

I don't think so, or maybe the right thing to say is... I don't think I can.

So just like any other relationships out there that's been at the edge of falling down, hold on... and never let go. Look for ways to survive!

And I ended up having these NOTE TO SELF thoughts: 

*Stop comparing yourself to others. Be inspired instead. Perfect written blogs and articles out there were not made for you to pity yourself... They are actually written to share and to inspire. It's not about you! Don't flatter yourself.

*Nobody's perfect. No one can make it in just one or two attempts. Move by not stopping. Remember that with each step you are improving.

*I bumped into this poem about writing (unfortunately I couldn't find it) that was suppose to open my eyes that writing isn't just about perfect grammar. But I think I took it negatively. Basically it's just saying that if it isn't the right time, then don't force yourself to spill out.  It really won't go naturally. 

*READ, READ, READ. It's your best teacher.

*So what if you're a second rate and a trying hard? Atleast you're not a copycat. 

*STOP BEING SO PATHETIC. You're not writing to impress but to express. Be proud. You're not an AB English Major but you can write like this. It's enough.

*And if this will make you feel better Shine, you are not alone. There's always a frustrated writer, a frustrated model, a frustrated singer and all kinds of frustrations in the world. Keep moving. Be Annebisyosa! Don't let was and were, have-had-has, who's-whose and past-present-future stop you. So I thought you learned to acccept constructive criticisms?

Dear readers, would you believe that I intentionally started this blogpost as a goodbye letter to WRITING? Forgive me for my self-pitying rants up there. 

And thank you for keeping up with my not-so-perfect write-ups! 

No disclaimer this time! =)


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  1. Writing is an Art. You are the Artist. Make your own Rules... :)

    Most of all, write for yourself and not for anyone else... ;)

  2. I agree with Cham. Just continue to write Shine and the thoughts in your head and the passion in your heart will find its way out :)take it from me...also a self proclaimed writer


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