Update: Teacher Sunshine and Davao Reader's Circle.

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I've been waiting for this for sooo long, been anticipating for the time I can have my thoughts written in this page again. Yet, now that I got my connection back, it took me so much time to even press a letter on my keyboard. *rolling my eyes*

For a start... Advance Merry Christmas everyone. Thank God I made it before Christmas to update you with everything. I can't go back to these past months because they're to many to tell but at least I can share some of the things that makes my day always. 

So for my first comeback entry... 

Say hi to Teacher Sunshine. I just got hired today as an Online English Teacher for Chinese students and aside from that, I work full time as a Private One-on-one Tutor to Koreans. Fortunately, I have the sweetest students in the world. The only thing I just don't like about them is they're too shy that I can't take their pictures... but I got one. 

Sandy. My afternoon student. At Yellow Cab Pizza.

Funny that they even suggested that we'd go Christmas Shopping together and showed us their gifts to us when it's supposed to be a surprise! Our small party was so fun. We even played hide and seek. Korean food maybe odd to my taste buds but I really appreciate that they prepared a lot for us. It's really great to be a Teacher when your students are so cute, bubbly, and fun!

My kyeopta pink phone purse from Tom.

And here's another update that I'm so excited to share. I just invited myself into a readers club! I was so thrilled when Davao Reader's Circle accepted my request to join their Facebook group. They posted their Xmas Tea Party details and again I invited myself in! I didn't regret doing that anyway cause it's great to be around people who shares the same interests and as a bookworm, this is another opportunity to grab books and share books to others. The party was so fun and I went home super uber happy with the books I got. 

New set of friends! =))

The books for book swapping.

Went home with these!! Thanks DRC!

I also have to mention, two of my club friends introduced their passion to us. The Swito Twins - Digital Children's Story Journal. If you have some short stories you'd like to tell. Visit their website or their Facebook page.

That's it for now! There's more... I missed you readers. Hope you missed me too.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Sunshine! :)
    Glad we both could make it to the XMAS meet. You got my Jasper Fforde so I hope you like it :D


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