Summer @ Fernandez! April Getaway

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April 2012  Summer @ Fernandez

How boring my title is. I can’t think of any… hmmm anyways, I April is much more fun than March. It’s when our summer started and ended as well. I’ve never gone to the beach for long so it was such a refreshing moment when we decided to go somewhere blue and oceanic and breezy!!! =)

Summer @ Fernandez on Instagram

Most of the pictures I have was on Instagram since I didn’t really have a camera, but Instagram is the coolest! =)

Doi2, Jasmine, and Me.

 just like a family portrait! =)

 His turn

 My turn
 I just like this picture of us sooo much! He is so pangit!!! Hahah

 His turn again..
 and mine again! 
 our sexiest picture.. nothing else.. don’t look for more.. that’s the sexiest we can be! Bwahahah


instagram beach heart! 

 one of our best morning together. =) lovely!
 our breakfast!

My pink bible! Should I forget? =)

 Another lovely picture. =)

So long sweet summer! It has ended! Going home.. =)

 Thank you beach for such a nice getaway!

Thank You God for wonderful creations like this.
Thank You God for such sweet memorable experience!!!


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