Mi Marso 2012

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This month had been very hard for me, emotionally specifically. But the good news is, hey! I’m still alive. So that means I am still victorious!! YEY!

Anyways, I’m not just gonna tell you the details of my drama… it just goes like this.. I got torn apart between my First love and my now second love when I’m not supposed to be. I just felt the presence of God away from me when I fell in love. I disobeyed and all…  but the greatest thing God did is when I felt His most amazing grace when He forgave me and when He nullified my vow!! Ending? I got a boyfriend on the 30th of March! =)

And I got back my iPhone! Yahoo! I missed it as much as I missed you today readers. It became my best friend since then. It’s just an iPhone 3g.. not the fancy 4 or 4s but quite enough for me. =)The best thing about my iPhone that makes me giggle is that since it’s jail broken, I can do cydia and make it pink and girly. I can tweak from message alerts to the whole system theme. I can go pink all over or even android! What makes it more useful to me are the bible reader, the document reader, iPod, my girl note (which became my portable diary, is there such? Haha) and instagram of course. It’s just everything I need! Only that I am selling it because I fell inlove with that LG P698 dual sim android. Well, if God wants me to have LG then that’s a YEY! If not, I can live with my iPhone. She is actually more than enough! =)

with my cutest pink jelly case! =)

Cutest SMS theme! =)))

That’s all for march. Not outfit posts. ;( I didn’t have the anything to use for capturing.

But, march ended up with hearts in the air. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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