I'm Uber Back!

by - 9:01:00 PM

Heyah!! Wow! It’s been like ages since you haven’t heard something from me… missed me? Or am I just dreaming that you do? Haha. Truth is, I missed you… a lot. I missed sharing things with you. And right now.. at 12:21am I got up from bed because I feel like writing and if I’m going to ignore this feeling I might be having no chance again to write. Or I mean, I may never get another chance to share what’s on my mind at this very moment… parang facebook lang! =)

Well hey! A lot has happened these past 4 months. There are reasons why I wasn’t able to do blog writing but the biggest reason is just my laziness since I got no home internet and the only time I can check my social network accounts is when I visit my boyfriend in his workplace since he is an I.T specialist, he holds all wifi passwords. (LOL) Speaking of my boyfriend, he is my last subject… since then, I went silent. I even said he was the one who kept me silent! Haha. But truthfully it was just because most of my time now is at church or with him. I’ll try my hardest to remember those fun and important events in my life I haven’t shared. Not that you’re interested and you really need to know, it’s for my own benefit too. I just want something to tell to my grand kids when they would ask me how am I when I was still walking with my two legs.

Anyways… this is just my welcome back post! I do hope I am still welcome! =)) 


Sunshine of God!

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