Wish List #1

by - 11:01:00 PM

Hey Gee Gurls! =))

Got nothing to do and nothing to write.. hmmm actually have a lot to write but it seems like my unorganized brain is really not functioning well so I come up with the idea of posting my wish list...

Who knows? Somebody might have the heart.. =) hahah! 

1. Satchel Bag

2. Oxfords

3.  Melissa Ribbon Wedge

4. Maxi Dress

6. Lace Shorts

7. Connector Rings

8. Nikita Accessories

9. Detachable Collars

10. Leggings

11. Team Manila Shirt

That's just it for now..

I actually still have a lot in mind... I have to have these first! HAHA! =))

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