Date With Girlfriends.

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Who said I can't go out? Haha! Well, I can... My social life isn't dead gals. Only that it was all about fun, chitchats and food minus the alcohol and dance. I can't relate to that anymore. Sarreehhh.

It all started with a tweet. When my pretty girlfriend tweeted me that she missed me, DANG.. the idea just popped out since I really have nothing to do on that friday night cause it's the guys retreat in church. So then and there.. we met up at Metro Ave and feeling uncomfortable, I convinced her to grab something to eat at Gaisano Mall. 

And landed at Wings and Dips =)

Tweeting before lamon!  =)


Me and My Candy Girl. =)

We went to a bar after that I can't stay there for long anymore because of too much noise. But I just can't say no to my long lost friends so I decided to stay for a while. Like 20 minutes! But no drinking and no dancing!! =))

And would I miss an outfit pose? =))

I miss having fun! But I miss these girls more. 
Sadly, I can't be with them most of the time. So these moments are precious and worth keeping.
Just made the most out of it.

Lurve you girls! 



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