Take Me to My Happy Place For A Day.

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Heart's day?

Good Day Lovies.

I feel so in love today that I wanna talk to you about my happy place. Curious?

Once I told someone "I just wanna be in my happy place someday!" And was asked, what's my happy place..

In my happy place, I'd wake up with a kiss and a coffee on my bedside table.

In my happy place, I'd flash my warmest smile to that someone who woke me up.

In my happy place, I'd get up in my pajama dress, 2 cute little girls and a little boy in matching pajamas would run to me and cuddle with me in a pink and brown colored king size bed.

In my happy place, We'd run together to the kitchen, bother Mr. cook, hug him from behind, and stare at our three little pigs giggling.

In my happy place, We will thank God together, cheerfully sing a happy song for Him and eat together in our pink and brown dining table!

In my happy place, we'll go outside together in a poolside garden, play hide and seek or cat and mouse chase.

In my happy place, we'd go bathe in the sun, and jump at the pool in our summer lovin' bathing suits.. and i'll get another random kiss.

In my happy place, we'll get tired swimming, prepare a picnic mat, and eat again.

In my happy place, I'd watch a man stare at those three little cuties running around while I pretend to fix our lunch.

In my happy place, he'd catch my stare and smile and I smile back at him and he'd kiss me. And again the kids will stop and giggle and we'd laugh altogether.

In my happy place, we'd lay down, under the sun and feel the heat.

In my happy place, I'd fall asleep, book on my face and my little girl would wake me up and when I open my eyes I'd see them staring at me all tongue out, and then somebody would lift me up and jump at the pool. Bully!

In my happy place, we'll all get tired playing around.. Id sit beside a man humming and cooing three li'l kids while they were sounding  asleep and watch Mr. Orange Sun come down while having some chocolate cake and coffee.

In my happy place, we'd carry the three li'l kids inside, i'll take them to bed, sing a lullaby and fall asleep beside them.

In my happy place, again, i'd wake up with a kiss, and be surprised for a prepared candle lit dinner with bunch of tulips and roses on the table.

In my happy place, we'd go dance outside under the moonlight.

In my happy place, we'll talk about our love story once again for the nth time.

In my happy place, i'd fall half asleep in his shoulders, and feel his strong arms lifting me up, taking me to bed, and then I'd fall to deep slumber feeling his arms wrapped around me.

This will be one day in my life 10 years after!!

OKAY LOVIES, I'D WAKE UP NOW! hahaha. Done daydreaming! Honestly, while I was doing this, i am actually giggling! LOL.

I don't wanna feed you with too much pictures.. Pictures can't express it.. I want you to imagine my happy place.

Someday, in God's perfect time! =) He will give me the man who can take me to my happy place. =))

A girl can always dream.

Oh and by the way..YES I'M IN LOVE! ALWAYS IN LOVE! <3

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  1. Idol!.I love the repetition and the style...smooth sailing ang thoughts...Mahopeless romantic man pud ko anig samut uie.

  2. haha! utro pud kong hopeless romantic an! uso ang daydreaming! haha

  3. makainlab man ni tih ui..HAHAHA! knsa kaya na si Mr. cook/Someone na makadawat sa imong first warm smile in the morning? hmmmm.. ♥♥♥

  4. si kuan tih! si kuan gud.. hehe.. si God's Will!! aww.. daydream again! =))) makakilig tih ba! hahah

  5. hah love all of the twilight pictures.

  6. I like all your pics!

    I really like your blog, I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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