Sister's Heart.

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Would I even miss writing on this day? Well, as my friend's status post says " Fortunately, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day!", agreeing to that, I am excused to musings just because I don't have a date or what just like any other singles out there.

But there's more special reason why I would celebrate this day! I want you to meet someone so special to me today! It's her birthday and this is my way of thanking God for her...


Celebrating her 23rd birthday today!

Very pretty eh?

But there's more behind that pretty face.

My sister is not the kindest person you will ever meet. Just stating the fact. She is actually sometimes mean.
I remember when she dropped a yearbook at my face just for fun. She punched me just for the sake of bullying. I remember when we fought over one hot dog. I remember when we used to roam around the subdivision bringing our new bulldog stuff toy or when we used to ride in our scooter with the whole family going to church in the same dresses but with different color. Now I wish I still have those pictures with me.

She's my pretty petitle younger sister who at 23 is now a Mom of two, a handsome boy and of course a beautiful li'l girl. 

Little Chancho 1yr and 11months, Little Xianne 11months.

She had the greatest sense of humor, she can be a gymnast and she's an artist! She had a big heart for kids and elders. She would cry the whole night round just because she watched a video of a baby being beaten or an unjustified elderly.

She had been through a lot I know, we suffered great pain when our parents broke up and discovered conspiracies in our family we should have not known at an early age. But she had always been my family's absorber and at the same time the spokesperson. THE NAGGER! She can't just zip her mouth like that and let everything happen in front of her eyes. When her heart is burdened she would let it out. She was always the fighter.

Ever since we were kids, I always get the nicest things and she gets the 2nd nicest. I had always been my Father's brat and she's the second Father's brat. But she was always Miss Understanding, she always let me have my way. 

One night, while eating dinner, she was forcing me to eat a sweet and sour fish that I really hate to eat before, when my father passed our way he asked my sister why I'm crying, then she told my father I don't wanna eat the food. Then my father started his speech but ended up asking our boy to buy me my favorite food so that I'll eat well according to him. That's when my sister got super mad at him and shouted "Mao nang nagdako si Ate pa nga ing-ana ang batasan kay ginahatag nimo tanang gusto!" (That's why Ate grew up that way because you're giving everything she wants!) 

I remember when we were older, we used to fight, shout at each other to the top of our lungs, and of course the typical sisters hair-pulling-never-let-go-till-she-let-go-first fight, she even chased me with a knife and threw a glass in front of me. Haha. Yes she's that mean.  

I disappointed her for how many times, even gave her all the pressure when I failed to do my duty as the eldest, and broke her heart for how many times I attempted to kill myself in her presence. I've asked her to accept those thing unacceptable. But the best thing she ever did was she never gave up on me. Never ever. With arms wide open, she welcomes me each time I run back at her.

She will always be my sweetest sister ever.  She would nag at me like my mother but she nags cause she cares more than anyone. She cares for me like no one else. She's the only person who knows me from top to toe! She knows my mood swings. She's the only person who have the right to say "Kaila na kaayo ko nimo Ate!" ( I know you too well already Ate!.) She was always my number one fan, my believer, my worst critic.

I can say she's the longest best friend I ever had. We had been through thick and thin, good times and bad times, worst fights and sweet memories. 

We don't share the same world now, but I know that no matter how far we are with each other, we will always be connected not just by blood but by hearts. 

I miss her, i miss our childhood worth keeping memories. I miss sleeping beside her. 

No matter how mean she can get people should know that SHE HAD THE BIGGEST, GREATEST, KINDEST HEART.

We used to sing this song together in karaoke when we were kids. We are dedicating it to our Papa because his nickname is Boy.


You might think that after everything I did I don't love you. After forsaking you for how many times, I know you might think that way. I can never thank you enough for putting up with all my mistakes, a sorry is not enough for hurting you a lot and for not being there sometimes when you need me. 

But no matter what li'l girl, I'll always be your Ate Sunshine, who'll do anything for us, anything for you, who makes dreams not just for myself but for all of us. No matter what happens we'll stick together. 

I'll always be a Tita Ganda to your babies... and whatever the situation is that we are in right now, let's stay strong. We had been through a lot, now I know we will make it through not just because we're stronger after everything but because we have our Great God Almighty, always there for us.


Ate Buog.


I'll tag as many as I can because I wan't people to know how pretty and amazing sister you are.
Though I know you won't be able to read this.

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  1. i miss you ban. ;) -angel

  2. aww beautiful entry :) happy birthday to your sister!

  3. :')) ka-touch ate! na share ni payat sa akoa tong about kutsilyo thingy ug katong "laslas", grabe gud hilak nya ato kay naguol sya saimo ug taman. :')) nakaluha ko dah!!! -Monique


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