Once Upon A Crazy Day!

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Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives.

-Titus 3:14

Just after a very exhausting day.

Whew. I think I've been silent for like two days. Well, just thought, I think I can't go on anymore, I need to stop and write. Just like playing an adventure game in PSP. Stop and save the game.

But before that, I need a doze of my mid-day coffee. I need some help from Mr. Caffeine. I don't know why but coffee just make me spit out the words simply.

I've mentioned that I've been busy lately. Internet just takes most of my time since I am an online teacher, that's why I can update my blog from time to time. Anyway, that irresponsible part of me sometimes really find it's way out of me when I wanna keep it and drown it inside. LOL.

Early this morning, when I woke up, logged in to work and was bombarded with staff's reminders of pending Kartes (Student's record) not submitted, telling me that if I won't be able to pass my Kartes, no pay! Now my team leader also called me after that to inform me that I am not reporting the lessons and honestly I don't. Then I received a warning letter from the office about not wearing uniform during lesson. So you see, just after sunrise, things went crazy!! But, blessed with self control, I stayed calm. Organized my thoughts and prayed. Of course, where else can I go?

Before I received the call from TL, I prayed... took the reprimands humbly, said sorry... First dilemma, solved.
Took my lessons with enthusiasm and focus. Second dilemma, solved. Finished all pending kartes, considered by the office since my feb 7th and 11th lessons cannot be retrieved.. laptop crashed, and even finished today's lessons. Third dilemma, solved. Reported on my team chat group after all the lessons. Fourth dilemma, solved. Lastly, submitted all my recordings for this day on time. Fifth dilemma, solved. Can I get a round of applause there?

This day started out rotten, but thankfully was able to make everything right! Though I'm pretty exhausted, I'm so glad things went out good, no, not good but better.

Now I'll be spending all my time, blogging, blog hopping, facebooking, eating, sleeping, reading and praising Him.

The only problem I have now is CONSISTENCY. Lord, help.

So proud of myself today. =))) HAPPY DAY!

P.S. I think I am missing someone today. He can't drop by since he is going home early. Twas just I was getting used of him visiting me here and food-tripping. What's gonna happen if we stop doing that?

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