Miss Irresponsible #2

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I just posted a crazy day entry 2 days ago and I will be posting another one.

So you see, the day started out fine. Feeling happy about sleeping early last night and I actually expected a normal day but it suddenly went crazy.

While waiting for my next lesson I fell asleep and woke up only to find out missed calls on skype and on my mobile from GNA staffs. And I was like "what happened?". I MISSED TWO LESSONS and I was online! A GNA staff sent a chat message telling me that I missed my lessons and that I should be making an Incident Report. A BIG UH OH!! Then she called me and I explained that I fell asleep and she ended up the conversation with "wala mi nalipay Maam Theresa ha!" (We are not happy about it Maam Theresa). I was so so embarrassed like I've done the most heinous crime ever. Anyway, moving on, another dilemma sprouted when I remembered it is payday today and say hi again to Miss Irresponsible, didn't get the chance to follow up my ATM when I was told I should be getting it before payday. I didn't wanna go to the office to get my salary because again too shy of being irresponsible. It's really making its way to teach me a lesson.

Crazy post! Swollen eyes. Cried bucket of tears yesterday.
Another thing, I think I gained a hater. Is it a good news or a bad news?

Anyways, it's not the end of my day yet while writing this. So maybe later I'll tell you how this day turned out. I just posted this out of JUST TELLING YOU. And well, for you to help me pray for a good ending.

Now all I ever wanted this time is a kwek-kwek session with dynamic love to bring me back my mood!

See you all later.

Just before you click the x button to close this, try this song.. it comforted me..

As I end this post I say,

Sometimes it's really tiring to deal with the world, but I'd stay humble and stand before Him.

Lord, help me deal with the world.


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  1. God will help you all the time but you have to help yourself to handle these challenges and obligations in life as a person and as a human being. This is how hard when you are in this world princess shine.. :) Deal with it with strong and faith. Ciao..

  2. I'm sure all the bad things happened for a good reason
    God's plans are never a bad one :)
    Keep the faith, dear

    The Sweetest Escape 


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