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Hi. I am really struggling on what to write today. I know I am not being forced to write.. It's just that I wanted to spill out some things in my mind cause I feel like it's going to burst.

Oh no! I am completely fine. I am not depressed or problematic or whatever. You know I just realized that at some point of your life, even if things are working out perfectly, there will be times that your brain would want to explode with thoughts cannot be expressed just by merely chatting with friends or staring your blog site or Facebook, etc.

So to tell you upfront, I don't know where this blog would lead. I am just going to pour out my head and talk to you like my best friend. Are you willing to listen? Maybe I just need a doze of some coffee lovin' to make my mind work the way it's suppose to work. 

When I woke up today I missed one thing that's very much important to start my day. Good thing, I was reminded all of sudden. But the worst feeling ever was to feel the guilt of forgetting it. I forgot to talk to Him when I woke up and now it feels so empty and I feel so restless. When I realized it, I prayed and asked for His forgiveness. And I kept on asking Him to not let go of me because I am feeling that the world is slowly kidnapping me from His dominion. The world is trying to snatch me away from Him and for like a split second I was afraid. When I opened my Daily Women's Devotional here's what was written for today:

You can know the depth of Jesus' because He died for you. God pursued you all the way to earth and took on our humanity so that He could draw you to Himself for eternity, You once were lost, but Jesus found You--- AND HE WON'T LET YOU GO. 

I was speechless. All I know is that I was amazed. GOD LOVES ME SO MUCH. HE WON'T LET ME GO!

Anyways, yipee! Overcoming laziness and shyness to pose, I was able to successfully blog about my first ever outfit post! I've been thinking twice, thrice, a lot of times about this.. worrying about the standards of the bloggers runway. Well, I just thought this is my life, my fashion, MY RUNWAY! And like what I've said yesterday on my status post: I DON'T LIVE TO PLEASE ANYONE! I LIVE TO PLEASE GOD! I think God wouldn't mind if I will feel pretty sometimes. Agree? I mean just as long as I am not compromising my moments and my commitments with Him, I think it's alright. This is just my way of telling people that a WOMAN OF GOD DOESN'T NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE BORING like what they always stereo-typically say!

I have been really grateful on how things fell perfectly into it's place now you know. Like everything I've been dreaming of is slowly coming true. And I'm not even asking it to Him like asking a mom with a candy. It was just like I am just so much favored. Just as He promised: 

Psalms 37:4

Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Proverbs 16:3

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.

You know living a christian life is not easy. Just as what He said, YOU HAVE TO TAKE UP YOUR CROSS DAILY. But the best thing of being a Christian is that you can always claim that you are His child. That He will give you anything you want just as long as it will do good in your life and not only that, He's always there ready to CARRY you when you feel tired of walking. Just let Him carry you. =)

I have a confession to make now, after writing this, it made my heart warm and happy. Now I know, whenever I feel something like this again, I'll go talk to you! =)) And I hope you will always be ready to listen.

But just before I end this blog I would like to welcome my dearest friends in BLOG WORLD..

My sister at heart.. Mommy Rhea.

I wanna thank you again for that friendship blog featuring me.. It almost made me cry! =))

 And Dianne

The techie pretty mommy, a sweet wife and a very loving friend. Mind you, her wisdom is indeed worth reading. 

These mommies havalot to say about being a cool mom, a lover, a sister and a best friend! =)))

Thank you readers. Have to say I LOVE YOU! 

And Thank God for all of you!  

Just another thought of God's lil miss sunshine.

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