FTC Adventure.

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Good Morning!

Just done with all the lessons and Kartes! Spell consistency? *wide grin* Ready to hear my adventures for today?

Guess how my day started? I was so excited to check my full schedule just to find out the very uber to da max ever slow connection of Bayantel earlier this morning. Just when I was very eager to be responsible at work, this happened. I got no choice but to have my lessons at the office.

Anyway, I can't help but to share this to you, my student earlier said that he reserved my lesson because he wanted to know about Christianity and the way we live. And so I was like speechless at first but was able to recover. He wanted to continue reading my salvation blog which I tried to use as a material on our first lesson together. I didn't know he was that serious when he told me he will reserve my slots to continue the topic. And he was! I suddenly remembered telling him to look for a simpler version of bible verses i used on my blog because he finds it difficult to understand. So I quoted John 3:16 NLT version and explained it to him. I even searched for a protestant church near his place because he is really eager to know.

And as I commuted earlier for home, the friendly jeepney driver, who calls me ate at 27 years old, with two kids, noticed my scars as I was nibbling Milo. From then on the conversation went from there to a testimony. And I ended up telling him "Kuya, if you want more blessings, go back to visiting church every Sundays." I can't stop smiling after that.

I was just happy about every opportunity to spread the Word.

And I had lunch with a special friend and his co workers earlier. Since his office is located near my office, he invited me for a quick tour in their workplace and got to meet an old friend. He is working at FTC Towers and was really amazed with the classy interior of the building.

And he showed me where they use to sit around when they are doing nothing..

This is overlooking the city. Made me want to work there. Haha

FTC Tower have a very cheap dormitel too. 

I have another feeling that this post is just a JUST-BECAUSE-I-NEED-TO-WRITE-POST! LOL!

Thank you for this day Lord!

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