20 Questions With Miss Ava Te.

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Yey! Privileged to present to you one of my fashion inspiration... Miss Ava Nicole Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava.

Another humble soul. =)

1. What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
- I check my phone to see who texted me or I have to snooze my alarm clock!=P

2. What's inside your bag that you can't live without?
-I guess it would have to be my phone and planner :)

3. Lyrics or Music?
-Lyrics because it tugs on your heart strings more.

4. Who's the greatest inspiration of Miss Ava?
-My Artsy Fartsy Jr.-- Athan :)♥

5. What are you listening to right now?
-Kelly Clarkson- Stronger (what doesn't kill you) :)

6. What's the best thing you ever did in your entire life?
-Try blogging because it opened a lot of opportunities in my life and met great friends!

7. If you are ask to invent something, what would it be? and Why?
-I'd have to say a Mary Poppins-like bag. The type wherein you're carrying a small bag but you can pull out loads of stuff. I can put my planner, phone, pencil case, laptop, camera, umbrella, kikay kit, notebooks, pocket book etc. That would be my dream bag!

8. What's the funniest nickname you had when you were a kid?
- I don't think I ever had a funny nickname but for some reason, people at school or people I don't live with find, "AA" funny. That's actually my real nickname. =P

9. What can you say about religion?
- I believe it is a personal relationship with God. A bond that only the two of you understand.

10. Favorite qoute?
-"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."-Albert Einstein


11. Coffee or Coke?
-Coke. I'm not really a coffee person :)

12. If somebody would propose marriage to you right now, what would you tell him?
-Can I think about it first? Of course, I'd have to know who it is first. Can't say "Yes" to just anyone haha!:))

13. Do you like your handwriting?
-Print, yes but my script, no. Look grade school-ish. =P

14. What's the last song you sang while in the bathroom?
-Furry wall by Russell Brand Lol. =P

15. What's the book that you would recommend us, your readers, to read?
-Anything my Mich Albom. He's a great Author. :)

16. The best gift you ever received?
-My son. Thank you, God! Very blessed!

17. What career would you pursue in another life?
-I'm taking up business right now, so it would have to be ART. Painter, maybe?

18. The Ava Te theme song?
-Wow this is hard. Hmm.. out of impulse it would have to be, OH LAND's- White Nights because I love dreams and the song is about that. :)

19. if you will be having 2 girls and 1 boy in the future, what would be their names?
- Adrianna Sage Grey / Adra Coleen Gail / I already have a boy so, Athan Caden Grisham :)

20. What would you tell the 13 year old you?
-Don't rush to get older. Enjoy being 13, 14, 15 and so on :) Be young and free!

This bubbly petite chinita here is an established fashion blogger I've been looking up to recently.

Why Ava?

I don't know much about her just this 20 facts and the obvious... that she's just so artistic and just one of those bloggers who got the coolest fashion sense ever. The fashionista mom every kikay girl would dream of having. Yes, she's a very proud MOM to her little Athan.. would you even believe that just by looking at her pictures? I never met her in person but I hope I will in the NEAR future.

If you wanna know more about her.. check out her journeys and her runway here.

and other sites: Lookbook, Tumblr. And you wanna be like Miss Ava? this is her SHOP.

She's the cutest ever. =)))

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