Right Now I Want To Know Your Heart.

by - 8:16:00 AM

And he said....

Right Now I Want To Know Your Heart.

My heart. I don't know.
It beats for my Savior.
It beats for you.
It beats for everyone else who loves me too.

But you know it especially beats for two.
It's for my Savior and you.
But it beats more for my Savior.
And after Him you know who it beats for.

And this is what my heart is saying..
You could have kept on waiting.
Cause you could have won this heart.
But instead you tore it apart.

Yes my heart is achin'
If that's what you need to know
Its perfectly breakin'
As it watches you go.

It longs for you again.
It longs for you now and then.
But what else can I do?
But to trust all His plans to me and to you.

If there's one thing I want you to do.
it is just to trust on Him too.
He will always be there for you.
And He knows your heart too.

Now you know my heart.
And you saw how it fell apart,
Why does it matter anyway?
There's nothing else left to say.

But hey, do you want to know what I want to know?
why did you ever let go?
Oh, no not that but...
Right now I want to know you heart.

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