Religion and Purpose.

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This is me saying...

I am not religious. I  love God.

I've been dealing with too much stress lately that I wasn't able to accomplish my commitments. Oh well, I don't know. Maybe, I'm just really feeling lazy.

Struggling with my everyday devotion, I didn't know what to write today...technically this was supposed to be written yesterday. I tried to wake up early but since nobody's waking me up now at three, I need to learn to depend on my own body clock and try my best to change it. So God, forgive me for another miss.

Now I bumped into this video earlier... I am not the kind of person who takes time watching shared videos on Facebook but the title caught my attention.

Why I hate Religion and love Jesus.

I think everything was said enough.
But like what he is saying, no I don't hate my church.. I love my ministry.
Most of my students would say "You are very religious." And I answer them... "No, I'm not religious, I just love Jesus"

And like what I always explain to them, religion doesn't matter, what matters is FAITH. Most of them are Buddhist, or one say he is a free-thinker... or Catholics.
Faith is believing in something you haven't seen or encountered. What matters is that you love Jesus and you follow Him and you do everything to please Him.

And that's another thing I wanted to talk about...

Well, one of the best gifts God had given me last year was having to live with a purpose. Now, I know where to go. Now, everything's clear. Now, I know what to do...

And my purpose in life is to please Him because I am made for Him. And I say, it doesn't matter what my denomination is, or my religion is... but what matters is how He sees that I am all for His GLORY.

When you live in that only one purpose, everything else will follow.

You will be doing everything to make Him happy. Though living holy and living the way Jesus lived is difficult, indeed it was difficult, when you ask for His help, He will not fail you. He will help you carry your cross everyday.

Why live by His purpose by the way?

Because according to the Bible, WE ARE MADE THROUGH HIM. We are made to live by His purpose. We are nothing without Him. We are not here if not for Him... and everything that's done without Him leads to eternal death. Who are we to do everything our way? Who are we to live according to our own will? Though He have given us the choice but we are supposed to be following Him and thats NO MATTER WHAT'S THE COST.

Yes, it's not gonna be easy. And to tell you honestly, I've been struggling for days now, not being able to do my devotion. And that's not because He is making me struggle, that's because I am making myself struggle.

But through prayers, I know I can overcome.


Oh and by the way, I don't hate religion. I should not hate anything or anyone except the Devil. =)

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