My own cure for my inconsistency. Weekly Bloggin' Structure.

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Got a solution of all my dilemmas about consistency and organization in my blog! Now I will have my weekly structure... and this is me shouting.. HELP! I think I need your help.

So I've been thinking how to organize the theme and thoughts of this blog. Already tried making three and making additional pages but it's not hassle-free. So I thought, why not make an everyday a week constant theme?

So here...

I will be having a:

Musical Monday - I will be talking about my passion in music, my playlist, my taste and distastes, my opinion and yeah everything about MUSIC

Literary Tuesday - I will post my creative thoughts on Tuesdays. Whether poems, short stories or even photography attempts. Maybe, just maybe... I'd be able to express this melancholic side of me.

Wednesday Bible Talk - I will be posting my devotions and my meditation realizations. Well, having the purpose of enlightening some of you with my viewpoints and showing off that preacher side of me. You can try suggesting topics too.

Thursday Drama - Personally, I have my own drama in life. I have my own dilemmas. I have my own ups and down. This is the time I can tell you about it and how I was able to get out of the dark. Or maybe, I can tell you about my escapades and everyday life story. I can't tell you everything but I can tell you some.

Friday Features - My chance to meet and greet people in cyber world. Most of the time I bumped onto blogs and some interests me.. some not. Some helpful, some memorable.. some are fun. So I will be reposting or advertising every sunday.

Fashion Saturday - My favorite... My all time passion. FASHION. I will show you a li'l bit of my fashion creativity. I'll show you how I dress up. Or anything about FASHION! A cure of my being frustrated fashion blogger.


Sunday Reviews - Book and movie and restos and store reviews, etc. Well, I like to read.. I like to watch movies... I simply like stories. I like to hang out too. So here's my chance to voice out my opinion and share my fave parts, lines and qoutes, my fave food, tambayans and all.

I don't know if I could.. but MAHHHHGADD.. its 2012. I need some consistency here people. So will you? will you? please HELP me?

I need your all out support! =))


God's prettiest daughter,


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