My Earthly Heaven.

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Before talking about my own heaven here on Earth... I just got to yell out... no matter how much I wanted to be a fashion blogger... I just can't. I don't have the camera to work with me. So this is just the way it goes... Whenever I got the chance.. I'll try to capture.

Well yeah... lets stop the blahs! 

So remember when I told you about the best gift I ever received? My new fenk bible.  Ranji, who gave me that bible promised to take me to that place where he bought it. And eventually, that day he gave me his uber nonsense decision in his life... (hehe!) he took me to that place. I bought my gorgeous bible cover there. The moment I went through the door, I instantly, effortlessly fell in love with the place. Unfortunately, my handsome pal went a bit mad and erased all my pictures in his phone!! Haha! Di bale, bumawi naman siya.

My Pink Bible Cover.

Yeah. My own heaven here on earth is the OMF Bookstore. You can check their site here. 
Thanks to his teammate Dianne who recommended the bookstore to him.

The first time I went there, I was eyeing on a book I really wanted to buy. Na out of budget ako that time cause I forgot may christmas party pa pala akong sasalihan at wala pakong gifts. But, since its payday yesterday... of course binalikan ko siya. Though pagdating ko dun, dami ko pang naging choices ulit kung ano talaga bibilhin ko. Anyway, nabili ko naman talaga yung nasa original plan. 

One Year Mini Devotional for Woman.

So there. Do you know why I consider it heaven? Cause everything in it fascinates me...Like a magnet.. It's drawing me there, and not letting me go. I can be there the whole day without getting tired. The books were just so awesome. And the bibles....WOW! I wanna buy them all. I'm even planning to get another one. A cute one. Good thing its another version. =)

iShine Teen Bible NLT Version. I'll be buying this bible soon when I get enough money. 

So thank you again for the last time.. thank you for showing me my new heaven Barriga.

So obviously, I am addicted to books na.
Kahit tambak na so much yung books ko na hindi ko pa nababasa.
But yeahhh! I want books and more books to read this year.
This place will be my tambayan for the rest of the year. Kangaroo Coffee Shop beside the bookstore is a plus.

For davaoenos, 

Mindanao OfficeG/F Mitaji Building,
Tionko cor. Mapa Sts.
8000 Davao City,  Philippines
Tel.: (+63.82) 221.3416

Here's their address.

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