The Godmother.

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As early as the 2nd Sunday of the month, I was asked to be a godmother to this cute little genius baby Jedidiah who can say AAAHHH and MMMMMSS now.. and ask his mother for milk like "mm milk". He was just 2 months old, mind you.


And hey guess what, after all the pile of unwashed clothes and after 30 minutes of thinking and deciding what to wear, I came up with my thrifted ESPRIT dress, it was kept under and it's kinda short but I got no choice. Good thing our Pastor didn't say anything. And by the way, Jedi is our Pastor's son. =) I wore the dress with my new brown belt and that very nice maong vest my Aunt gave me as a christmas gift.


Oh. and the shoes? I only have two pairs of shoes with me here in Davao. Three actually, I'll be giving away the other one. Hehe. So that's one of the three. Red flowered flats.

And here are the other pretty godmothers,

pretty parin kahit patangahan kami ng mga mukha... haha

and the godfathers,

Are they pretty too? haha Oh and that's our Pastor and Jedi's father on the very right side.

Me and Jedi. Please forget my hair. I know. Haha

Me with the gifts.

The Ninongs and the Ninangs.

And the trio.

It was one crazy day by the way. I started teaching my little girls.
I will be talking about them soon.

Anyway, I was just refreshed with what godmothers do. I hope I can do my part to our Baby Jedi. Not just giving gifts on birthdays, Christmases and all. We are also obliged to be there for him whenever he needs us. To guide him like second parents.

May God bless our little prophet and of course may God bless us being his godmothers and godfathers. =)))

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