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Delayed for four days already!! Super tambak na my blog writings. HMMPPPP...
Anyways, this is my YEAR END BLOG na uber uber delayed... so i'll call it, 2012 Starter Blog! =))

Timeline on Facebook really helped. Hehe. 
Year 2011 had been the greatest year of my life so far.

Dividing it to two parts...

Before Christ and After Christ.. hehe

January to August... I don't know how to describe it. It's been fun. It's been great.
As I was scanning on my status posts way back...it was like this time I was able to micro see the difference of who I am before and to who I am now. My world did really turned upside down. =))) 

Well, though it was like living dead before I came to Christ, I am still grateful that these things happened. They happened., for knowing them is still a blessing, for experiencing it is still a memory to remember. 


On the first quarter of the year, I was already showered with blessings.

Our new princess came.. my little Niece. Xianne Alexi Borja. March 6, 2011.

Kanino nagman ang pretty princess namin?

Much Thanks to my Pelos Family... Yes. I still consider them my family though things really went out of hand... I hope they'll find it in their hearts to forgive me... I love them and I miss them much.

@ Emar's Wavepool. June 2011

@Mergrande Resort with Anne. Daryl's Birthday. January 2011

Privileged to be with the whole family. March 2011. Anne's Birthday.

@ One Oasis. March 2011

@One Oasis. March 2011

Had a blast vacation in Manila for three days!!

@Manila Ocean Park with Anne. June 2011

Before the sea-lion show. @Ocean Park with Daryl. June 2011

@ Oceanarium. June 2011

Meet-ups with my Uber-Missed-Over-the-Ocean Friends!!

With Mareng Jana in our hotel room. June 2011

With Muhmee Tina @Pancake House, Gateway. June 2011

And of course.. most loved bonding!! With Anagon and Ninang Reesey @Inuman place forgot the name near Festi Mall. Hihi! June 2011

Trained and Worked for Linksys at Concentrix. And eventually left. 

Me and Debbie. @CX Lobby.

Team Aris on our Language Training Graduation.

Team Aris' team break.

Mariners. Grabbed this photo from Ranji's FB. Never had the chance to take a picture with them.

Said hello and goodbye to my dearest pet Tobi. No, he didn't die.. I just have to say goodbye to him. 

Tobi. When I first got him. June 2011

Yeah. Well I guess, that's it! 

And If I were so much blessed B.C..
More blessings came After I went back home to Christ.

BCIF FAMILY's warmest welcome.

Ignite September 2011

Won Third Place for Mathetes Battle of the Bands. September 2011.

Our little fellowship in Buhangin. October 2011

Youth Camp November 2011

Youth Camp 1st Morning.  November 2011.

Thanksgiving. December 2011

BCIF's Christmas Party. December 2011

BCIF Beauties.

BCIF Hunks.


Turned 23.. pledged my head to heaven.

Birthday Picture. October 2011

Celebrated with Churchmates. October 2011

Birthday Harana. October 2011

The gift of love and friendship.

My pretty sisturs at heart. C.A in Davao. December 2011

Angel and Berto's 3rd Anniversary. October 2011

Maam Ciara and Me. At Meno Gaia Party. December 2011

Forever Friends. My Birthday. October 2011

(Top) Joselito and Me. Thanksgiving. December 2011
(Below) His effort much daily pick up line vitamins. November 2011

Diko and Me. January 2012

Blessings! Blessings!!!!

New Happiness found!! 

Balay Sagip Eskwela. December 2011

New Friends.. Cyber friends... Oldest Best Friends through thick and thin. Restored Friends.

Sir Erik. The Cadillac. Vic2. Joanne. Bratinellas. Abbeah. Rhea. Allina. Lara.

My lovely students.
The greatest gift of all...

My intimate moments with God!!!

Well of course... how could I ever forget...

Ranji and me. Thanksgiving First Day. December 2011

And his effort much 100Days. Though di niya natapos for some reason.
Just like what I said... he made the last months of my year colorful and amazing. With laughter, smiles and butterflies.

And them...



They all made my year sooo wonderful. Thank God for them. 

But the best gift God had given me last 2011 was my restoration. He picked me up and never let me go.

So all to Him I surrender....



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