BCIF Youth Circle Launching.

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Heyah! I think I had been silent for some time. It's just that, there's too much emotion lately, I just can't express it all out. I wish I could. Anyway, enough about that. Well here's what kept me busy for the whole week. Our Youth Circle Night Launching!!

First of all, what is BCIF Youth Circle?
It's our youth ministry in church which we established just lately. It's not just fun and music. It's a ministry who loves God first and foremost. 


I think the theme itself is self explanatory.

So we had our Youth Night Launching last Friday and glad it was successful!

We had our own designed T-shirt I was having problems on how to wear it.. since I am not the tshirt-and-jeans type, I made an effort to make it more different. So here's my "different" (haha):

Glad we made it to upto 60 invites! It was a sooo awkward night for me but I was able to overcome. YEY! Though I had to make someone non existent...

Meet my Babies! =)

My Lil Sister still on her P.E Uniform.

Like this shot.

Baby pink and Hot pink. Not bad!


Okay. Haha! =) Hyper lang..

Spotted the ribbon? hehe

Picture muna while preparing.

Babies in Christ.

I want his doodle shirt!

Meet my new best friend.

And of course a pic with our TARP! =))

It was a fun night. Went out well.
We're not gonna stop!
Soon we will be having an OUTBREAK!
All for Christ!

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