20 Questions with ANAGON.

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Who deserves the first feature other than the first person who ever inspired me in blogging and in fashion?
Honored to present to you the girl behind...


My Cyber BFF. (And I'm claiming her my BFF. Haha!)

Ana Regina Gonzales.

Ambushed her earlier with my 20 Random Questions...

1. What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? 

"Right now, i learned to pray first and foremost! To declare thank you for a new day and im sure it's going to be great!:)"

2. What's inside your bag that you can't live without?

"Unfortunately im a slave of my blackberry! haha"

3. Lyrics or Music?

"Both! Though I get attracted to the music first, before I google the lyrics!;p"

4. Who's the greatest inspiration of Anagon?

"The future! I am inspired knowing things will be better "

5. What are you listening to right now?

"Katy Perry! In preparation for the concert!:D haha!"

6. What's the best thing you ever did in your entire life?

"Not yet there but getting there! For me the greatest thing is to inspire people through the things i do for a living... My blog and my online shop :))"

7. If you are ask to invent something, what would it be? and Why?

"Free net/ country-wide WiFi gadget for Philippines, para masaya!;)"

8. What's the funniest nickname you had when you were a kid?

" Aishim --- as in yung buko pie brand haha"

9. What can you say about religion?

"Others will be against religion and say it's all about your relationship with God. I completely agree with this... But being religious for me isn't bad at all-- spending that hour in mass or praying the rosary just show how much you are willing to give your time for God. And time is love."

10. Favorite quote?

"Lots!:D I'm a quote-type of person hahaha! First to come to mind is the Secret's 'Whenever anyone has offended me, i try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it' :))" 

11. Coffee or Coke?

"Caffeine-blooded here!;) haha! Coffee!:)"

12.  If somebody would propose marriage to you right now, what would you tell him?

"Bat di ka man lang nanligaw, nagmamadali lang? Hahaha!"

13. Do you like your handwriting?

"Not love at first sight, but I came to appreciate it  Like my weight. And my shoe size. Haha!"

14. What's the last song you sang while in the bathroom?

"Kiss me... Na may kasamang pito. Hahaha"

15. What's the book that you would recommend us, your readers, to read?

"The Secret. It saved my life. No, seriously!"

16. The best gift you ever received?

"Hahaha I dont knooow I love all gifts given to meee!:D"

17. What career would you pursue in another life?

"Novelist x Band member hahaha" 

18. The Ana Regina Gonzales theme song?

"Angel by Akon, chos! Cant decide on that now, it changes for every moment, day, year... Soundtrck nalang hahaha!"

19. If you will be having 2 girls and 1 boy in the future, what would be their names?

"Zooey, Peace, John.. But these are subject to change, hahaha"

20. What would you tell the 13 year old you?

"First yr high school!?:) You are about to meet the friends youll have forever ... So just enjoy your whole highschool life! And continue with the whole "art club forever" thing, youll make a living out of your art in the future :))" 

Anagon, was a cyber friend ever since 2006 (Correct me if i'm wrong sis, but I just followed the time when I was still together with my famous ex. haha). I am proud to say that I was there watching her rise. I also had been an avid fan of her collections. 

Had some of her collections nung mayaman pako, it just stopped nung naglayas ako and got broke. Haha. 

I remember a message in friendster started that friendship, I just don't remember who made the first move. Haha. 

I miss our Dylan talks, fashion dreams,  Paris plans and of course heartaches

I finally got to meet her February of 2009. Though I lost my job after that.. hahah It's worth it.
Natupad din sa wakas ang plan namin to have coffee together...

Yellow House Coffee Shop

and beachin' together..

Blue Jazz, Samal Island.

And met her again just last June of 2011

She was awesome. The most humble, down-to-earth person I ever met. And she got the purest of all the hearts. Swear!!

This Olsen-Harry Potter-Fashionista Commuter girl here had been featured in Teen Magazines like Candy, in famous newspaper ads, tv programs, etc. She was even seen in a Globe Tattoo Billboard! Check her 2011 Year Ender Blog.

This girl started with a Php500 capital for an online accessories shop and VOILA, now she's travelling the world! Wanna know her more? 

I don't have childhood memories with her but I think the years were enough to know Anagon behind all these. 

This blog was supposed to end 5:30am but was extended cause I spent forever looking for this blog where she mentioned me and got stuck on her older posts. 

She will be visiting DAVAO soon!! Yey!!


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  1. Thank you for this feature! :) I appreciate it sis!!! Love you! Hope to see you in Davao again sooon!


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