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WISHLIST for 2012.

First time ko'to. Naisip ko, maganda palang may wishlist! Atleast diba? Maybe, just maybe. =))))

A Puppy.

This one comes to mind first. I just miss my little Tobi so much. ='(

Siargao Trip.

With Ninang Gee and Anagon!! 

 High Waist Skinny Jeans.

Badly need to buy more jeans. I'm not really into jeans. But I have to wear jeans now. Since its the more appropriate wear at church. =)

More Followers on Tumblr and Blogger.

Wala lang. Atleast I'd be able to share my thoughts to more people. =)

More help for my kids.

They warm my heart more than they know.

More books to read.

It is good for the heart.

I want my Iphone back!

Soooo much! Give it back Lord.

Reservations! =))

More blessings. Para sa baka ko for 2012 Thanksgiving!

A Fashion Blog.

I tried once. Pero never been successful. Sana sa 2012!

A Pink Camera.

For blog documentations. Pink is just a bonus. heheh

Be more organized.

Somebody will give me a new BDJ planner as a gift. And I bet 2012 will be a busy year for me. 

More souls to save. 


and of course...


I guess that's enough for now.
I might add some things.

THANK YOU LORD for blessing me so much this year! 

To God be the Glory. 

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