Thanksgiving Day 1.

by - 12:14:00 PM

Offering Day.

BCIF Family.

7 Cows and 2 Goats Offering.

                                    Ranji's Goat Offering

My New Bible.

Took a shot with my new pink bible. I'm just proud.

Ge-an and Me.

This was supposed to be our moo moo picture. But I guess it doesn't look like one.
Foods here, there, and everywhere. 

with Ranji.
No comment.

Praying much for our prayer request.

your's truly.

Feast of Jesus. 

Viva Hesus!

Thank you Jesus for saving me. For getting me out of the dark. 
Thank you for every breath. Thank you for every song. Thank you for everything.
You are my reason for everything. I LOVE YOU so much!

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