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Heyah! Guess what? I am at the office right now and very much amazed that blogger is not blocked. It means... Hooooray!! I get to write during break time. YES! You heard me right. I do have a work now. A daytime work, a very flexible job and most of all, commitment wise, its the perfect job. I've been praying so much for the kind of job that won't affect my commitment with my Husband, my Bestfriend and my Father. GOD. Since I didn't finished college yet, ang hirap humanap ng daytime work. And I've been praying that it will come soon since thanksgiving is fast approaching. AND I WAS FAVORED. Here I am now, working at my most convenient time. Though it's not really convenient for the old me.

Well recently here's my Morning routine...

Somebody will wake me up at 3am to do my daily devotion, but mostly I can do my devotion at 4am. Then I'd check my facebook, emails and reservations.. etc. Sometimes I still get to read 1 chapter of Boy Meets Girl, or  Day Chapter of Purpose Driven Life. Then by 5 or 5:30 I'd prepare for work and sometimes eat breakfast. Then leave the house at 6:30. I should be at the office as early as 7am to prepare for my lessons for the day. My open slots starts at 8am-10:30 in the morning. Resumes at 1pm-4pm another break then resumes at 6pm to 10pm. Yeah right! It's a hardcore schedule as our manager said. but it's fun and I get to have lots of money in my schedule. HAHAHA! That's for this weeks schedule.  I still manage to read PDL and my bible in between sessions or breaks. So it's not that boring. It's actually fun!

Another favor from God is that I'll be working homebased na next week. And I was able to adjust my schedule too. I'll be working homebased 8-12 in the morning... break then 6-12 in the evening. I will have a very long break with enough pay. And I will get to work at home. No need to think of my everyday allowance. And I can eat 3x a day. I can have more sleep. Its just amazing!!

Nakamura Reiko

Majikina Yumiko

My students are awesome. Talking to them is fun. You'll just remember you're tired when you end your shift. We can actually talk anything and everything under the sun. Parang bumili lamang sila ng kausap. I had an 8-yr old student to 72 yr old. All ages. Nakakatawa at nakakatuwa lang sila. Nakakaalis ng pagod at antok. This job, you get to be yourself. No pressure. No worries. I even had one student who takes pictures of his teachers and write a blog about it. He compliments her teacher a lot. He gave me his blog link, some of the texts were in Japanese but google chrome translated it. I laughed when he said "she's cute but boring."  Hahah. And the bestest thing was when you get paid when you do nothing but sit around and wait for your student to go online or when they decided to cancel the lessons. I have more time to read and linger on my unnerving or disturbing thoughts some times. Well, in short, I LOVE MY JOB. 

Anyways, this is just one of the things I am thankful for these days. God had blessed me so much.

As for my love life.... we'll talk about that next... hahah!! 

Oh I never mentioned by the way, I am an English Online Teacher. 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

All Glory and Honor belongs to You. ILOVEYOU.

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  1. hahaha... nice to know your loving your job and your enjoying it... just always remember to pray to him alwyas,and im always aw mali were always here beside you (angel,roman,lyn2x, jean... me) god bless and its a funny blog hehehe.... make more blogs oky...!!! =))


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