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Hi!! Just like what I said.. I am so inspired to write. It's just that I spend too much time with facebook and my students so I never got the chance. Well, heyah!!

I wanna talk about this....

My New Pink Bible.

I am just so happy when I got this. It's the best gift ever.

Well, last December 9, I lost something I treasured the most. I was so sad that day. Then someone who thought he can't bear seeing me like that, he left me there while I was crying. He said he have to go somewhere else. Yun pala he went somewhere to search for this. I plan on buying a new bible. He was insisting na wag daw ako bumili. That day, to cheer me up, he gave me this bible. Abot tenga ang smile ko. I was super happy. He said, while I was crying, he was praying for something that would cheer me up. God answered.

God, again showed me how He loves me so much.  While I was feeling sad for losing something so important, though I didn't understand why, I just thought God has plans for me. I just have to trust Him completely. No matter how painful it is, everything happens for a reason. For now, I don't know why God took that away from me. All I know is that He has no plans to harm us.. only to prosper us. So instead, I sang "Through it all" and praised him for what I've lost. Di ko man maiwasan malungkot. But God is so good. He didn't allow me to be sad about it. Kaya Niya ako binigyan ng bagong bible. It is even more than what my heart desires for a bible. I LOVE IT.

ILOVEYOU Lord. Thank you for loving me. 

=)) Ranji, thank God for you. Thanks for my early christmas gift.

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