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We just had our 7 Days Thanksgiving Fiesta! FUN. FULFILLING. REFRESHING!

Why 7 Days? 

Deuteronomy 16:15

New International Version (NIV)
15 For seven days celebrate the festival to the LORD your God at the place the LORD will choose. For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete.

First Day.

Featuring pretty Ge-an.

Offering Day

I talked about our first day on my previous post. So I'm not gonna make kwento na. 

Second Day.

My Little Black Dress

We are so happy on how this day turned out. And daming tao... It was a blast. Many souls saved. =)))

Third Day

 My top was a sexy dress actually. It's not appropriate so wore a skirt instead.

And yet another productive day. =)

Fourth Day

Future RNs!!! 

The best family I ever had second to my blood-related family.

Best in Purple.

Nurses who's about to take their board exams received and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. How d'you think our fourth day ended? *wink*

Fifth Day

Gellie's birthday was actually the day before this day. December 15. In our church we used to do harana at dawn during birthdays, but on her birthday we never did. Alam kasi namin she's expecting it. So instead, we thought of singing to her on stage and buying her a cake the day after her birthday so that she'd be surprise. Glad it worked.

These are the children of the streets near our venue.

It rained hard that day. So I had my excuse to use my pink coat. 

Sixth Day

First time niyang kumanta. Kala mo lang hanggang gitara and drums and keyboards siya? He could sing to. =)

Cleaning up time!! Last night at MGR Building.

Parang office girl lamang no?

And we thought wala masyadong dararting. But as our service went, unti-unti dumami! =)

Seventh Day

This was our first bond since I joined BCIF. This was so fun. Naglaro kami "BIG-SMALL" Game. Ang galing ko maglaro... SUPER. Sa sobrang galing ko, isa ako sa napunta sa Hot Seat. =P

HOT STAND. Kasi nakatayo ako. Tanga Face ko! =) Whew.The question blew me away! I was actually in a nervous frenzy that moment.

Wanna know the question that made me shake? hahah

Question: Aside from God, friends, and family, who is the person who occupies your heart?


Pansin niyo ba? 

Yeah. I dressed up. But the best thing about my experience was not just dressing up for God. It was singing for Him. It gave me the BEST FEELING EVER!! Alam kong may mga sablay ako. Worship leading is a tough job. Tougher when you were asked to lead impromptu. But it is how you are tested on how you trust God and the Spirit to flow. I'm just getting used to it. Glory to God, He never fails to let me feel His presence as I sing for Him. He is really, really faithful. 

And most of all, to all who were able to attend, to those who pledged... may God bless you more abundantly just as He promised!!! 

Another glimpse of our 7 Cows and 2 Goats offering.


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