Dear Heart.

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Christmas na Christmas ehh? I'll be talking about moving on and letting go.

Well, circumstances asks for it.
Di ko alam pero naging takbuhan ako ng mga brokenhearted lately. And I consider it as a blessing. Not because they're hurt but because it is another opportunity to share.

Well, there's one thing I do know. I have the right to talk about this subject because I've been there. If you want proofs, check my older posts. Eh kumbaga, expert nako pagdating dun. At pinagmamalaki ko yun!

People who had been there for me through thick and thin knows how it had been so hard for me to move on and let go. Umabot pa sa puntong, naging psychotic na tingin sakin ng ibang tao. I cut myself, naglalakad, tumatakbo ng disoras ng gabi, kabobohan at katangahan at kagagahan... lahat na nagawa ko.

Why does letting go hurt that much?

I asked three persons on the spot and the most common answer...

Letting go hurts because of the attachment. Imagine two papers being glued. Well lets say super glued. Di mo sila mapaghihiwalay without tearing either one of the papers. Or you can imagine waxing. Ididkit sa balat mo and forcefully pull it away from your skin... masakit diba? It was the attachment that hurts us when letting go of something or someone. That explains why there are some people na aloof. They're afraid of pain. Our Pastor calls it SEPARATION ANXIETY.

Letting go hurts because ika nga ni Sir Erik "They can't let go because they cant imagine tomorrow without yesterday.." when you've shared memories with someone or with something, the hardest part is thinking that those memories are now just memories. It won't happen again. You've been together with someone, you get used to it, and now you can't imagine life without her or him. Well, not really. You can imagine, you just don't wanna imagine.

As for me, letting go hurts because at some point in your relationship, as it grows deeper and deeper you tend to forget your SELF IDENTITY. Darating sa puntong, you define yourself as someone who's attached to something or another someone. Para bang di na ako si SUNSHINE kung di ko siya kasama. And once dumating yung time that you have to let go, the main reason why you can't is because YOU DON'T KNOW YOURSELF ANYMORE. Nakalimutan mo na kung sino ka nung wala pa siya. AT MAHIRAP HANAPIN ULIT ANG SARILI.

Now let's get down to business..


But how did I ended up being happy like this?

And by the way, again.. I am single. Sometimes finding someone new will help you forget the past and move on. But that's not healthy. Once iwan ka din nung bago babalik at babalik ka sa ganong state. In short, you will never learn. Nakapag let go ka nga, partially nag move on. But you are still STUCK and STRANDED.

My brokenhearted friend asked me... Shine how did you do it?

Pa'no nga ba?


When we say COMPLETE SURRENDER, IT IS GIVING ALL TO GOD. Not just the tears, the pain, the confusion but every feeling that you are feeling. Every pieces of your broken heart.

I'm trading my sorrow, I'm trading my pain... I'm laying them down for the JOY of the LORD.

Well, if you say.. this is easier said than done, I'll disagree to that. It all comes down parin kasi to your choice. If you really say "I DON'T WANT THIS PAIN" you should mean it. Sometimes people are just saying this but they don't really mean it. So this blog is only for those who really wanted to LET GO OF THE PAIN.

When I surrendered everything to Him, my life changed. I prayed and asked Him to take ALL of me. I was amazed of how my life turned out. Seek Him first and indeed everything else will follow. He made me realize my worth. He made me feel that I AM LOVED. He made me see that there's a world out there, that there's more to life than lingering in pain and mourning. Indeed, when I surrendered everything, all else did follow. I am now living with contentment. God is blessing me so much more than I asked for.

Now I am taking "LETTING GO and MOVING ON" in a different light.

Here's the catch, once you TRUST HIM, letting go would be as easy as 1,2,3. Of course, may process. Iiyak ka, masasaktan ka.. but it won't take long. Mamaya lang ssmile ka na. Instead of being devastated, you'll be thankful, dahil alam mong there's something or someone better for you to have. If you are not gonna let go, pano mo makukuha yung BETTER? TRUST HIM. God has His own reason for EVERYTHING. No matter how nonsense the situation is. Kahit di mo maintindihan bakit. When God asked Noah to build an ark, He trusted His word kahit di umulan for the longest time.

Here's the message, Jesus died for you on the cross to save you from your sin. That's how much He loves you. That's how precious you are in His eyes. That's how worthy you are. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God sometimes let you feel pain because he wants you to call out His name. To let you rest in Him. To let you feel how great is His love for you. God said:

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

By the way, you lived your life before he/she came. You have the right to live even after he/she leaves. YOU CAN IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. You know why It didn't work out? Because its not meant to work. SOMEONE OUT THERE IS PERFECT FOR YOU.WHO WILL BE THE OTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. HE/SHE will fill the holes, and is perfect for your shape.

And this is what's keeping me happy, knowing that I am loved. That GOD LOVES ME so much. That He will always be there for me no matter what the circumstances are. I am happy because God is making me happy.

And God wants you to be happy too. Rest in Him little broken heart.


Watch the video. It'll help.

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  1. very nice.. Keep on writing and inspiring people.. very very touching from someone that's been there.. thank you.. offer your days to Him and he'll get you through the rain..

  2. Very inspiring.. I learn a lot from you Ms. Sunshine, keep it up!


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