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I just had a nice dinner treat with a previous team mate at work and I thought of asking him what would be the best topic to write tonight. He wants me to write something about my ideal guy. Since he took me to dinner tonight, pagbibigyan ko siya. =)

But just a heads up, I don't really believe in having an ideal guy. But since I was asked, then I'd go describe my prince in my dreamworld.

Luke and Becky.

He is like Luke Brandon of Rebecca Bloomwood. Ive always loved the way Luke spoils Becky. Even when things get out of control, he's always there. Just like any other hero. He would stay and always be on Becky's side, whether she's right or wrong. He treated Becky as her princess. And I wanna be treated that way. Like no matter what I did or I might do, he would always be there to support me and my stupidity and kalokohan all the way.

.He is like Edward Cullen of Bella. He's the main reason why I was dragged to the Twilight Saga. He's just so charming. Selfless, masochistic vampire. He'll do everything for Bella. Everything as in everything. 

He's like Luke of Peyton. Who never gave up on Peyton. He never gave up, =)

He is like King David. Who fears God.

My prince treasures my tears. He considers it precious. As precious as jewel that he never lets it fall from my eyes.

Well, that's my prince.

And I don't believe in having an ideal man. Because when you get to meet someone and your heart would go BOOM BADOOM BOOM BOOM BADOOM BOOM BASS.. then that's it. You can't run away from it just because he's not your prince. Whoever he is, whether he's the baddest guy in town or the weirdest or even if he have no arms or legs or whatever, when you felt love then you have no choice. That's how it always happened to me. Love for me doesn't look on what he is and what he is not. It is what I feel for him.

That's why I am careful, because I really can't trust my heart's judgement. I wanted my next relationship to be my last. I'd rather be on the safe side. On His side. Becuse I know, He is molding someone to be perfect for me. Yung taong kaya akong TIMPLAHIN. =)))) Who knows he might be Luke Brandon, Edward Cullen and Lucas Scott in one. 3in1.. Parang kape lang. Haha

Let go and let God.

God Bless you and me. 

Ako lang. Bago umalis for dinner.

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