Hey Jealousy.

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Now this boy asked me about jealousy.

Why do women get jealous?

But first,what is jealousy anyway? I don't even have to define it because even a kid knows what jealousy means. Jealousy is everywhere. It is human nature. Who doesn't get jealous?

But since this boy asked me why women gets jealous, I'd concentrate on this aspect. Experience wise, jealousy is one of the things I never got over with through time. When somebody close to me, showered me attention that I got used to it, when it fades, I panic. I always had a hard time coping up when it comes to jealousy. But JEALOUSY IS A SIN. Everyone knows that but refuses to put it in their minds.

Women gets jealous because they are INSECURE. Admit it or not, when their partner doesn't give them the assurance that they will never leave them for another, they will be eaten by their jealousy. If their husband or boyfriend don't secure them with the thought that they are beautiful than any other girl in the world, they will always feel jealous.

I was introduced to Eros and Agape love by our Pastor.

Eros love simply focuses on physical attraction. You'd say you love the person basically because she's pretty or handsome. But what happens when the beauty of the man diminish? Eros love will vanish. It will fade along with beauty.

Agape love is defined as self-sacrificing love. It is unconditional.It is endless. It is simply what we dream of having. It is what God demonstrated to us. And as for relationship, as mentioned in the book I am currently reading, "Every relationship for a Christian is an opportunity to love another person like God has loved us." And attaining this kind of love, it needs to be built in a rock, a strong foundation.

If we would actually be basing our love in Agape way, jealousy will have no way in ruining the relationship. Because you are both loving each other not as shallow as because he/she looks pretty or handsome but because you love her/him for what she/he is and you show her/him that she/he is loved and that you'll do everything for her/him no matter whats the cost. She will never get jealous cause she will be confident enough to know that you'll grow old with her.

If you don't want her to get jealous? Not by just telling her that she's the most beautiful girl in the world, but also by showing her that she will be your queen and your princess until the end of time. <3

Hey boy? Hope this answers your question. =)

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  1. So true.. unconditional love will go a distance.. I have my own something like this too.. It takes about what you'll remember from a someone when they'll not be around.



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