Monday, July 13, 2015

#ATM July.

Just before I hit the floor to another stressful week, lemme give you a glimpse of what I am up to right now.

Let me remind you first that even though I am turning 27, I am still a lil girl at heart , a hopeless romantic who goes gaga over 'ships and romantic novels and movies and series. 

One of my stress reliever today is #KathNiel. I came to a point when I got all depressed over things I can't handle at work and all I did was a Got To Believe TV series marathon which features the love team. Whenever I stopped watching then I'd start crying. I really think that  I'm not normal sometimes. Now I guess you can tell what I am currently eagerly watching and waiting for these days.. jologs it may seem but it is Pangako Sa'Yo. 

I am currently re-reading both The Purpose Driven Life and Kieth Green's Biography No Compromise. I am trying my best to complete my 40 days with PDL by heart, It's just that sometimes, whenever it becomes too tiring at work, all I wanna do when I get home is sleep. I really need to learn Time Management very badly. No Compromise changed my life 3 years ago and I am in my desperate need for another change in my life right now so I am giving it another try. 

I have a definite playlist as always. It should be something melancholy. My playlist still has Damien Rice, Chantal Kreviaziuk and Christina Perri and A Fine Frenzy. My sister introduced me to Marie Hines and she is a great addition. Of course, I have my own christian playlist which is always my comforter. But what's on repeat? 

My July Wishlist:

1. A Surf-able swimsuit. I'll be going to Manila soon and my surfer mare invited me on a surf hang out.
2. Instax Films!!! LOTS!
3. Cute IP6 Casing for inspiration.
4. Sunnies Organizer

That's just about it. I might be updating this though. It's almost 8 and it's PSY time!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everybody's Sunshine 2.0

Hello everyone!!!!!

I am thinking of relaunching my blog. I've been very silent for long and I wanted to be back on track. I need more inspiration though. I wanted to be more consistent this time which was always my problem with almost everything. Consistency. So I will be "re-introducing" my site to you. 

I started with a blog make-over. I wanted this blog to be more personal. I always had this passion for writing especially when what I am feeling is overwhelming. I write when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am angry. I write everything. And because time no longer permits, I think I lost it too, But I learned that there's no such thing as "time permits". So here I am, taking time or should I say "making time" for my first love. 

Since I am introducing you again to my life, what can you expect?

I am a mom with a great passion for fashion and writing. I love all beautiful things. It is also not a secret that I fell in love with God 4years ago and I am still. There may have been times that we broke apart but I think we're getting back together. We're getting there. I am currently a team supervisor which greatly affects my life as of now. 

So this is gonna be more about my journey with God, of being a mom, my passion for fashion and my learnings as I am becoming an effective leader and basically LIFE. 

For those who Ive been with when I started blogging, thank you. I hope this time I'd be able to share more wonderful experiences with you. 

With love, 

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