Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Confessions of A Newly Promoted Supervisor.

It’s been a while, I know. I miss writing. I miss those things I really do. I miss dressing up. Today is a rest day so I got the chance. Well, the main reason why I was not able to do the things I love lately was because work consumed me so much that when I get home, all I do is just play with Lucas and sleep. I still get to read sometimes but that’s just it. This is something I haven’t been doing lately, pouring out my heart into writing. But I guess it’s time.

I am happy to announce that I just got promoted. I mean that was 2months ago. I just didn’t have the time to write about it. I had a hard time adjusting. But I think I got used to it this time. So I was once a customer service representative the I became then P.O.C. of the team then I got promoted to becoming a Team Supervisor. Now I don’t take calls, I only take calls when our members are looking for a supervisor.  When I started it was definitely challenging and totally an emotional ride. Being an over thinker didn’t help a lot. Ever since I started working or I think even at school, it had always been my goal to step up. I think I am competitive by nature. Being promoted was a dream come true. It came all of a sudden though. I think I was not emotionally prepared (though I told them I am ready) so the first few weeks were kinda difficult. I have to be transferred to another team. Then I was insecure and uncertain. I lost that confidence. Not to mention the separation anxiety I felt for my previous supervisor. I felt scared. I was too conscious. I started to become pessimistic. I don’t want my superiors to feel that they made the wrong decision of putting me in the position. And too much is never good. When things went wrong, I asked myself why a million times. I regretted every decision and I had the hardest time forgiving myself and moving on. I almost gave up but that’s one thing you can’t expect from me. I know from the start that I was born a fighter. 

So I learned to stop, think and listen. I think one thing that I am always proud of myself is that I am always open for growth.  So I asked for help and took their advices. I am still learning. It’s always gonna be a process because it can’t be done instantly. I am still working things out but the good thing is… now I know what to do. And it should start with me. I am relearning how to trust my own decisions, how to see things in different perspective and how to become a deserving leader. I am taking things one day at a time.  AND A GOOD LEADER NEVER STOPS LEARNING.

But most of all, I know now what I lack. Because I have always known that in whatever you do, it should all be done for His Glory. When I got promoted, I forgot that part.  So now, I will always try to remember to say a prayer before going to work. Thanking God for everyday. Thanking God for my team and offering my each and every day to Him.
Today, it is still a battle. I think every day will be. But I have my mentors, my co-supervisors, I have a great team and I have my Daddy God. I am not fighting alone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jollibee brings an extra sarap to Davao with the Jollitown Funtasy Land.

Jollibee Kids Club members in Davao experienced an extra sarap summer as the Jollitown Funtasy Land caravan made its way down south at the SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang, Davao City on May 9, from 9am-2pm and 3-8pm.

I was so excited for my son especially because Jollibee is just one of his favorites. Not just from their spaghetti but Jollibee himself!

Jollibee prepared hours of fun for the energetic young davaoenos, who slid their way to an exciting experience at the Rainbow Slide and enjoyed bouncing around at the Jollibee House. Their adventure continued as the scaed new heights with the Dingdangdong Clingers and met magical characters at the Enchanted Maze.

Making the Jollitown Funtasy Caravan even mote unforgettable for Jollibee Kids Club members was getting a chance to showcase their talents. They sang to their heart’s content and made their own albums at Twirlie’s Music Studio and shared fun stories with Jollibee at the Jolliphone Booth. The little guests even got up close and during her Cheerleader Moves segment, Twirlie proved her star power during her Musical Fantasy piece, and Jollibee thrilled the crowd with show-stopping dance moves.

Talented young Davaoenos also trooped to the Jolly Beats Booth and participated in the dance boot, learning the steps to the famous “Dito, Masaya” song. They also captured meaningful memories with their loved ones at the various Jollitown-themed photo booths scattered around the venue.
There was also a Jollibee Kids Party booth that displayed how fun and hassle-free it is to plan an exciting Jollibee party, especially with its newest 3D themes: The new Jollitown and The Jollibee Fun-tastic Factory. The first 100 moms and dads who visited the booth and confirmed their JKP bookings even received Jollibee gift certificates.

Apart from the fascinating attractions, Funtasy Land visitors and their families also purchased special Jollitown souvenirs to add to their collection. Guests were entitled also to a raffle entry and the ids took home a loot bag containing Jollibee goodies.

I am super thankful personally for this because Ive been looking all over Jollibee stores to get our own Jollibee stuff toy. I was soo overwhelmingly happy when it was available at the Funtasy Land. We had it for only 99pesos. My son was so happy and he really enjoyed the town!

Make this summer extra-fun and even more unforgettable for your kids and be part of Jollibee's biggest summer event. Sign up and become a JKC member now to have exclusive access to other fulfilled activities! Log on to for more details. 
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